Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon

There's a vast difference between the selection of movies and series available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Which one has the best catalog? The answer depends on you, and you should rather ask "which offer is the best for me?"

With our software Coollector Movie Database, you'll easily list the movies and series available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, to evaluate if it's worth subscribing to their service, or if you're already subscribed, to decide what to watch now.


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Movie Recommendations

Netflix is famous for its recommendations engine, which they've spent millions of dollars to develop. Their technology is very elaborate, but unfortunately it's applied to a limited set of movies: you can only rate the videos from their streaming library, and get suggestions from that same library.

Like Netflix, Coollector Movie Database uses your ratings to predict how much you'll like a movie that you haven't seen yet. But contrary to Netflix, our database has nearly all the movies in the world. You can rate all the movies and series that you've seen in your life, which allows our program to understand your taste better and make better recommendations than Netflix.

The other streaming services, Hulu and Amazon Prime, don't include a recommender system. If you're subscribed to Hulu or Amazon Prime, Coollector Movie Database will greatly help you to decide what to watch.

A game is included that makes it fun to rate the movies that you've seen. Once you'll have rated enough movies, the program will start making predictions. Warning: rating movies can be addictive :)


Advanced Searches

You can search a title, and you can apply filters to the database. For example, you can filter by genre, by country, by year, by year range, or by any combination of our 30 filters. The results of a filtered search can be ordered alphabetically, by year, or by IMDb popularity.

Here are some search examples: list the streaming movies that I haven't seen/rated; the streaming movies that are on my wish list; the most popular streaming dramas from 2015; the streaming comedies that are the most recommended to me; the streaming sci-fi movies between 1h15 and 1h30 long (because it's all the time that I have); etc...

If you're subscribed to more than one streaming service, their catalogs are combined.


Other Features

This is only a fraction of what Coollector Movie Database can do. It's a complete movie encyclopedia, with movies plots, casts, and persons filmographies. You can maintain a wish list of the movies that the program helped you to discover. You can tag the movies, or write notes and personal reviews. It's also a video organizer, to manage your collection of DVDs, remember what you own, where it's stored, and what you've loaned to your friends. If you have video files on your hard drive, they'll be scanned automatically. You can publish your data on our mobile-friendly website, for your friends or just yourself to see. You can display the best prices found on Amazon. Etc...

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