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Author:  Skinamp [ Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Favorites

Hi Hector,

is it possible to add some kind of favorites to coollector ?
I would like to add the movies, that i still want to see and those my wife
would like to see, separate from each other in a favorites list, so that each
of us has is own favorite listing.

Not a wishlist because i already own the movies.

I still use notes on paper, funny with the best database in front of my eyes, dont you think :beee:

Author:  (cool) Hector [ Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorites

From what you describe, tags could be the solution. You would tag your favorites and your wife favorites with a different tag. Then you could apply the tag filter to list your or her favorites.

But I'm not convinced that tags would be the best solution. From my point of view, you should rather have 2 separate databases, one for your wife and one for you. It's very easy to have several databases on the same computer, it's explained on the help page. Your database would contain the movies you own and the movies you've rated, while your wife's database would only contain the movies she's rated. It would certainly be a satisfying solution, and it would get even better in the future as I plan to add a feature to virtually combine the content of 2 databases, this way your wife would see her ratings as well as the movies you own.

P.S: a quick explanation about that feature that combines several databases... The goal is to create the equivalent of a multi-users database. For example, each member of a family would have a database with his ratings, while a common database would hold the movies owned by the family. Some members like the small kids would not be allowed to modify the database, to the relief of their parents. Another example, a young couple decides to live together, they each come with their movies, which they put in common. After a while the couple decides to split, and each one goes away with his collection of movies and his Coollector database. One last example, your avid collector friend sends you a copy of his owned movies, you combine it with the database of your predicted ratings and you easily find which movies you should borrow to your friend.

Author:  Skinamp [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorites

I am afraid none of those examples works for me. Or i don't understand the benefit.

I don't want to have our ratings in seperate databases, i want to work with one database only. My wife knows nothing about computers and databases, she sits next to me when i scroll trough the database. She points @ the movies she would like to see.

Now i write then down on a peace of paper.

I would like being able to click an f.e smiley (like the Wish list smiley, there could be more of them) and then the specified movie is added to Her personal Favorites, when i click an second smiley the movie will be added to my Personal Favorits.

Or something like a dropdown menu where we could select the familie members name, that adds the selected movie to her or his Personal favorites. At this moment there is no favorite listing at all.
You could find a good example within Kodi's super favorites.....

I hope i've been able to explain what i mean.

Author:  (cool) Hector [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorites

Skinamp wrote:
At this moment there is no favorite listing at all.

And there will never be because our rating system is better than a favorite system. Your favorite movies are simply the ones you give the best rating. With our rating system, it's like you have several levels of favorite (excellent, very good, or just good).

Another bonus if you rate the movies you've seen => the program will analyze your taste to predict how much you'll like the movies you haven't seen yet.

Please give up the idea of marking your favorite movies and rate them instead, you'll see it's much better.

Skinamp wrote:
My wife knows nothing about computers and databases, she sits next to me when i scroll trough the database. She points @ the movies she would like to see.

If it's just the movies she wants to see, it's not really her favorites, rather a wish list. Maybe there was a confusion here.

To keep track of the movies you want to see, you're supposed to use the "wished" icon.

If you already use the "wished" icon for yourself, then for your wife you should use the tags. Below the movie title there's "no tag" written in green. You click on it and input the word "wife". Now the movie is tagged with the word "wife" and you know it's a movie your wife wants to see. Then you can use the tag filter to list all the movies that your wife wants to see.

Author:  Skinamp [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorites

Oke, i got it..

I never used the tag option, it`s reduced to one word and
somehow a little hidden :-)

Tested it and it does what it has to do, i can use it for both of us.


File comment: one word, it`s hard to find !
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