A Movie Buff's Dream

Coollector Movie Database will catalog your collection of DVDs and video files. It will also give accurate recommendations based on your taste, helping you to decide what to watch and to discover great movies and series that you would have missed otherwise.

This software is completely FREE to use. No crippled features and no time limit.
There's only a 30 second nag screen on startup that you can remove by contributing.


January 07, 2018: version is released.

Softpedia 100% clean award

The Windows version also exists
as a portable program
(to take with you on a USB key)

It's possible to download
all the movie images
as a set of zip files


This software is free, but contributions and donations are welcome. Coollector Movie Database exists since more than 10 years and has been continuously improved. If you're a fan and want to support its development, there are 2 possible ways you can help us:

Method 1: contribute 100 character pictures to our database.
Method 2: donate $9, we accept Credit Card or Paypal payments.

Any of those methods will get you a Contributor Code to remove the 30 second nag screen.

The majority of our users don't contribute anything. I hope they like the program and they tell their friends
about it. I'm very thankful to the users who contribute, it's their giving back that makes all this possible.
Also thank you to the many users who help by reporting the bugs and errors they find, those who keep
contributing pictures after they got their code, etc... I'm proud we've gathered such a great community!

Detailed Features

For the movie lover:

Track what movies and series episodes you've seen, and how much you've liked them. The program will analyze your taste to give you very accurate movie recommendations.
For the video collector:

Remember what DVDs you own, where they're stored, and which ones you've loaned. You'll easily manage your digital collection too, with your video files scanned automatically.

The program includes a vast database of movies and series, richly illustrated with movie posters, person pictures, and character screenshots. The interface is highly customizable, with skins and adjustable layouts. It's easy to make any search you can think of. You can publish your data on the internet, to access it from anywhere or to show to your friends.

Rating the movies you've seen is an important part of the program. Our rating system is very easy to use. You mostly have 2 questions to ask yourself... Is it a bad movie? And if it's not bad, will you watch it again? Please click this link to read the rating guidelines.

NETFLIX and HULU: browse their catalogs of streaming movies and series to evaluate if it's worth subscribing to their service, or if you're already subscribed, to decide what to watch now.

The program interface.

The prediction game makes it fun to rate all the movies that you've seen.

There are many ways you can customize the layout to your liking.

You can change the entire look of the program, by choosing a different skin.

Instead of buying the program, you can earn it by contributing 100 character pictures.

Coollector Movie Database is the only program of its kind! It's a personalized movie database and at the same time a video collection organizer. All the alternative programs are simply video collection organizers, where you start with an empty database, and must download information for each video, one by one.

With Coollector Movie Database, it's completely different. Right from the start, you have an entire encyclopedia with nearly all the movies and series that exist. Since it's installed on your computer, you can use it even when you're offline. The interface is very easy to use, and richly illustrated with film posters, video covers, photographs of actors and crew, and even character screenshots. You can customize the layout to your liking, and make almost any search you can think of, without needing to be a database engineer.

The best part is that you can personalize that movie database. You can rate a movie to remember whether it was good or bad. You can track which part of a series you've already seen, by rating whole seasons or individual episodes. You can tag the movies and the persons with any words you want. You can organize your video collection, remembering what you own, where it's stored, or what you've loaned to whom. You can create a wish-list with all the movies that you'd like to watch. All those personalizations are clearly visible: movies that you own are highlighted, and colored icons will instantly remind you of how much you like a movie or a person.

Movie lovers will get enough hints to decide what to watch from their own collection, on TV, in theaters, or on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Does the movie have actors whom you like? Have you seen other movies from this director? At first glance you'll have all the answers! To help you even further in your choice, the program displays the IMDb rating and popularity of each movie along with a link to trailers on Youtube. Last but not least, the personalized movie recommendations are an instant way to know how much you'll like the movies that you haven't seen yet.

Video collectors will easily catalog their entire DVD collection, and if they have video files on their computer, the program will scan the disk very quickly and identify the files automatically. Once added, you'll be able to launch the files from within the program and they'll be played with your favorite media player. Finally, if you want to expand your DVD collection at the best price without missing a bargain, a database of existing videos with daily updated prices is included. This makes it possible to do things such as, for example, list all the 4K Blu-Ray discs available for the movies from your wishlist, starting from the least expensive one, down to the most expensive.

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