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Dste Missing

Wed Nov 09, 2022 5:34 pm


I have been using this for years and I have about 1100 movies in my date coolection. My desktop icon was deleted but I still have it in my menu. When I open it it now shows zero files, I cannot find them. How can I recover my database?

Thank you

Re: Dste Missing

Wed Nov 09, 2022 9:04 pm

I'm not sure what happened. If I had to make a guess, I'd say that it wasn't just an icon you had on your desktop, but your coollection file itself.

Your coollection file contains all your personal data:


But don't worry, the app creates backups automatically:


The help file will help you locate the folder "Backups". It should be filled with lots of .cool files. Use the date to find the latest backup, copy it to your desktop, give it a simpler name and voila, you can click it as you were used to.
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