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Coollector Movie database is the most complete tool for the movie lovers.

It's a huge database of movies and series, personalized with what you've seen, how much you've liked it, and what you wish to see. It's also a video collection manager, to track what DVDs you own, where they're stored, and which ones you've loaned. It can handle your digital collection too, with a lightning-fast file scanning feature. Last but not least, it'll analyze your taste to give you the best movie recommendations you've ever had.

Missing movies

This should never or very rarely happen... In case our database is missing a movie that
you've seen or own, there's a dedicated forum thread where you can request its addition.

Adjustable layout

There are many ways you can adjust the layout to your liking.

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Skinnable interface

The skins feature allows you to completely change the look of the program.
There are many skins to choose from. You can even modify the current skin,
with different fonts, different colors, different backgrounds, etc...

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File scanning

Coollector Movie Database includes the best file scanning feature on the market.
Dozens of files are recognized in a matter of seconds. As you'll see on the video,
if a file gets associated with the wrong movie, it's very easy to fix the problem.

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The icons dashboard

The dashboard includes the Youtube icon, the loaned icon,
the IMDb icon, the wished icon, the ordered icon,
the play icon, and finally the 7 rating icons.

To improve readability, the icons are ghosted
when the mouse isn't over the dashboard.
Only the activated icons are not ghosted.

Notice that there isn't a "seen" icon, because it'd be superfluous.
To remember that you've seen a movie, simply rate it, and the smiley
will remind you that you seen it, as well as how much you've liked it.

Rating movies

Here are some guidelines to help you rate movies as objectively as possible.

You should follow those guidelines, because the program analyzes your ratings
to understand your taste and give you movie recommendations. The more precisely
you'll rate the movies, the more accurate the recommendations will be. Worth it!

  Excellent: one of your favorite movies, a masterpiece.
  Very good: worth watching again in some years.
  Good: was nice, but you won't watch again.
  Neutral: not bad, but hardly good.
  Bad: clearly not good.
  Very bad: terrible movie.
  Awful: impossible to watch.

You can further refine your rating by using the plus and minus modifiers.
For example, you can rate good+ a good movie that's close to very good.

Rating persons

Here are some guidelines to help you rate a person as objectively as possible.

  Excellent: one of your favorite artist, you don't miss any of his movies.
  Very good: great artist, always nice to have him in a movie.
  Good: you have a rather good feeling about this artist.
  Neutral: you have nothing good or bad to say about this artist.
  Bad: you have a rather bad feeling about this artist.
  Very bad: you dislike this artist, it's a pain when he's in a movie.
  Awful: you can't stand this artist, you flee away from all his movies.

You can refine your rating even more by using the plus and minus modifiers.
For example, you can rate good- a person that you hesitated to rate neutral.

Movie recommendations

As you rate the movies that you've seen, the program analyzes your taste
to predict how much you'll like movies that you haven't seen/rated yet.

You can list all the predictions that were made for you, starting from
the most recommended movie, down to the least recommended one.

Though this list starts with your top recommended movies,
we had to call the list "Predicted" rather than "Recommended"
because we obviously don't recommend the movies predicted as bad.

To benefit from the best movie recommendations,
you should rate all the movies that you've seen.
The rating game makes that task fast and fun,
by smarly guiding you through the jungle of movies.

( click to play the video )

How can we predict how much you'll like a movie?

The program locates the other users with very similar taste and interests as you.
Those doppelgangers of yours happen to have seen movies that you haven't seen.
It's a safe bet to predict that you'll rate those movies the same way they did.

Why don't we make a prediction for all the movies?

For various reasons, there are many movies for which we can't predict your rating.
To begin with, we can't understand your taste until you've rated a significant number of movies.
Also, the least popular movies are rarely predicted because they received too few ratings.
Even a popular movie might not get a prediction if it's outside your field of interest.

Want to learn more about movie recommendations? Read this post:
How Coollector compares with the other movie recommendation systems

The filtered search

With more than 20 filters, it's possible to perform any search you can think of.

The most common searches have their own
shortcut, to set all the filters with a single click.

Here is a short video of the filtered search in action:

The title search

The title search takes into account only the letters and the digits.
All the other characters, like the punctuation marks, are considered as a space.

If you type "it's", it'll be interpreted as "it s" but it'll match "it's" anyway.
It'll work exactly the same if you type "it s" instead of typing "it's".

The title search leaves aside the accents, which means
that "" and "" are considered the same as "e".

Pressing the SPACE key or the RETURN key will add the word to the search.

Pressing the ESC key will delete the last word you've added to the search.
Keeping the ESC key pressed will quickly delete the entire search.

PASTING: it's possible to paste the title (e.g. True Lies) or even
the IMDb ID (e.g. tt0111503) to confirm that a movie is missing.

The IMDb

The Internet Movie Database is a great website for movie lovers.
Many consider that it's the absolute reference.

Coollector Movie Database works great as an IMDb companion.
When you need deeper information about a movie or a person,
you just have to click the IMDb icon to get to the webpage.

You'll use Coollector for its unique features,
and you'll keep going to the IMDb as a reference.

For each movie, Coollector displays the IMDb rating and popularity.
The popularity is proportional to the number of votes that a movie has received.

We use a logarithmic scale that is adjusted so that a movie with 5 votes
is 1% popular, and the most voted movie (The Shawshank Redemption)
is 100% popular. And of course, a movie with zero votes is 0% popular.


At first glance you can tell if a person was in good or bad movies, popular or obscure movies.


The grids

The grids highlight your personal information:
the movies you've seen, the movies you own, etc...

Some actions can be performed by right-clicking an element.
You can rate, wish, loan, or even play a video file.

At the bottom of the grid, several controls allow you
to change the list order or to modify the layout.

The video boxes

For each movie, there are 2 video boxes:
one box with the videos that you own,
and the other box with the videos that exist
(the existing videos are ordered by price)

Clicking a video will show all its technical details.

Owned videos

When you own a video, you can add it from scratch,
or you can add it from an existing video.

To add from scratch, click the green ADD button
from the "Owned Videos" box.

It's more convenient to add your video from an existing video.

But if your video is missing from the database of existing videos,
you still have the possibility to add it from scratch.

Of course, you can edit the technical details to your liking.
You're not limited to the values listed in the dropdowns.
You can also edit a field by inputing a brand new value.

Custom packs

If you own a pack, but it's missing from the database of existing videos,
it's still possible to add it by creating the pack from scratch.

Start by adding the first movie, and choosing a pack name.

Now, add the second movie, and make it part of the pack you've created.

And so on with all the remaining movies of the pack...

Why it's not possible to create a pack of video files?

A pack is a group of movies contained inside a single package.
All those movies share the same location: the location of the pack.
This concept can only apply to physical medias (DVD, VHS, etc...).
It's not possible with video files, because each file has its own location.
If you want to group several video files, you'll simply place them inside the same folder.
By looking at their locations, you'll see when several files were grouped inside a folder.
And by using the location filter, you'll be able to list all the files from that folder.

Videos on hard disk

Use the "Play" icon to associate or play video files.

You can also ask the program to scan an entire folder from your computer,
to automagically associate each video file with the corresponding movie.

Like a media center, it's possible to control the program with a PC remote:

"play" ...................................................................... show the list of playable movies
"up" or "down" ............................................................ navigate through the movies
"volume +" or "volume -" .......................................... navigate faster (whole page)
"chapter +" or "chapter -" .......... switch focus between the filters to adjust them
"play" or "OK" ..................................................................... play the selected movie

Print search results

To print the results of a filtered search, click the "print results" button.
For instance, for insurance purposes, you could print a list of all you owned movies.


The program allows to browse the catalogs of streaming movies and series
available on Netflix and Hulu to evaluate if it's worth subscribing to
their service, or if you're already subscribed, to decide what to watch now.

Go to the program settings to define which catalogs you want displayed.
If you set more than one streaming service, their catalogs will be combined.

Click this link if you want to read more details about this feature

Video barcode

Only your owned videos that have a barcode will be shown with a cover art.

Price information

The filtered search allows you to list the videos available in store,
starting from the least expensive one, down to the most expensive.

This feature is even more useful when combined with your wishlist.

The grids can display the best price of each movie. The best price is the price
of the cheapest existing videos (whose media type you haven't discarded).

If you frequently buy some videos, you'll easily locate a bargain thanks to that information.
On the contrary, if you're not interested in that feature, you can disable it from the settings.

Keyboard focus

The interface is made of two panels,
but only one can have the keyboard focus at a time.

The panel with the focus is the one with red borders.

Keyboard shortcuts

LEFT, RIGHT, UP or DOWN arrows
navigate through a grid

in a dialog, equivalent to clicking the focused button

directly start a string search
(movie or person search, depending on which panel has the focus)

if no search is active, make appear the last used search
during a string search, validate the current word, and move to the next one

during a string search, delete the last CHARACTER

during a string search, delete the last WORD
(keep ESC pressed to delete the entire search)

+ (plus key)
add an owned video from scratch

CONTROL + T (on Windows) or COMMAND + T (on MAC)
edit the tags of the current movie

CONTROL + SHIFT + T (on Windows) or COMMAND + SHIFT + T (on MAC)
edit or delete a tag globally (for all the movies that have it)

CONTROL + Click (on Windows) or COMMAND + Click (on MAC)
contribute a picture for a movie, a person, or a character
(opens some websites to find pictures)

CONTROL + SHIFT + Click (on Windows) or COMMAND + SHIFT + Click (on MAC)
contribute a picture for a movie, a person, or a character
(without opening any website)

CONTROL + P (on Windows) or COMMAND + P (on MAC)
enable/disable new calculations of predictions

switch focus between the controls

F1 key
display the online help (i.e. this page)

F5 key
refresh the pictures (force the pictures to be downloaded again)

Tips & Tricks
with the keyboard shortcuts, adding a video from scratch
can be as fast as pressing '+', 'ENTER', and 'ENTER' again.
The "media type" and "language" values will be set
to the same values that were used the last time.

Character screenshots

The program displays pictures of movies, persons and videos...
But did you notice that it can also display pictures of characters?

You can earn a free license by contributing 100 character pictures!

Coollection files

We use the word "coollection" to designate the ".cool" file that holds
all your personal data (what you own, what you've rated, everything...).

A frequently asked question is "how do I start over with an empty database?".
The right answer is "delete the coollection file, and the program will create a brand new one".
Uninstalling isn't the answer because uninstalling doesn't delete the coollection file (it's a safety).

To locate the coollection file currently in use,
select the menu "Help->Locate my coollection file".

When you launch the program, it opens the default coollection file.

If you're using Mac OS X, the default coollection file is
"~/Movies/Coollector Movie Database/".

If you're using the (regular) Windows version,
it's "My Documents\Coollector\".

And if you're using the portable Windows version,
it's "Coollector\".

But you can have other coollection files in your computer,
for instance the coollections of your friends or family.
Coollections are such small files that they can be mailed very easily.

Sharing a coollection file:
Once a friend has sent you his coollection, you can store it wherever you want
and rename it the way you want (as long as you keep the ".cool" extension).
To read it, simply double-click it!
(for more convenience, you could create a desktop shortcut)

A second possibility is sharing a coollection between several users of the same computer.
And finally, a third possibility is having the coollection on a shared network disk.

Since several users could simultaneously modify the same file, there's a mechanism to prevent corruption.
Before modifying a file, the program checks that no other user has made a change before you:

Automatic backups

When closing, the program will create a backup if some changes were made during the session.
Backups are stored inside the folder "Backups", located at the same place as the coollection.
Backup files have their name extended with date and time information, to know how old they are.
For example, "" was created on June 27th, 2013 (at 17h02).

If for some reason you want to replace a coollection with a backup:
1) you copy the backup file to the same location as the coollection file you want to replace.
2) you copy the name of the coollection file, then delete the coollection file.
(Coollector must be closed, because it's impossible to delete a file that is in use)
3) you give the name of the coollection file to the backup file.

Online backups

For an even greater safety of your data, you can keep a copy of your backups on our server.
If your computer has a disk failure (or worse), you'll still be able to recover your data.

That feature is FREE, and only requires that you have an account on our support forum.
If you already have one, then you have the username and password needed to login.
If you don't, please register to our forum, and choose a username and a password.

Now that you have set up your account, you can send your backups to our server!

And when you need them, you can easily retrieve your backups from the server.

We inform you that we make some statistical analysis on the coollections saved on our server.
You have nothing to fear, it's completely anonymous, and we don't intrude into your private life.
We need those statistics to tune up our feature that can predict how much a user will like a movie.

By saving your backups on our server, you help yourself, and you also help us
to improve the prediction feature. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Online publishing

A very convenient feature is the ability to publish your coollection on our website.
You can send the link to your friends, you can view it from your smartphone, etc...

As an example, here's my own published coollection:

my owned movies (with the default page design)
my rated movies (with a second page design)

You can decide what part of your coollection is published or not (owned, rated, wished, etc...).
It's possible to set a privacy key, and only the persons who know the key will see your coollection.

Mobile devices

Coollector Movie Database is available on Mac and PC.
It's not (yet) available on smartphones and tablets.

But you can view your coollection from your mobile device.
You just have to publish your coollection online,
bookmark the page on your device, and you can even
make searches on the page to locate the movies.

This solution will work with absolutely any device,
and it's nearly as effective as a native app would be.

The support forum

If you need assistance with the program or anything,
don't hesitate to ask help on our support forum:

Of course, to post a message, you have to register first: