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Author:  grimshaw [ Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Request Synopsis/Plot to be added to the database

tt0135453 The One-Man Band <L'homme orchestre> (1900)
A band-leader assembles an orchestra by mystifying means.

tt0135179 The Living Playing Cards <Les cartes vivantes> (1904)
A bearded magician holds up a large playing card and makes it larger. He tears up a card of a queen, burns the torn bits, and a life-size Queen of Hearts card appears; then, it becomes alive. The magician puts her back into the card. The same thing happens with the King of Clubs: the card becomes alive. The king removes his costume, and there's something very familiar about him.

tt0004102 His Prehistoric Past (1914)
A cave man woos the wife of a tribe leader.

tt0000359 The Man with the Rubber Head <L'homme à la tête en caoutchouc> (1901)
A chemist in his laboratory places upon a table his own head, alive; then fixing upon his head a rubber tube with a pair of bellows, he begins to blow with all his might. Immediately the head increases in size and continues to enlarge until it becomes truly colossal while making faces. The chemist, fearing to burst it, opens a cock in the tube. The head immediately contracts and resumes its original size. He then calls his assistant and informs him of his discovery. The assistant, wishing to experiment for himself, seizes the bellows and blows into the head with all his might. The head swells until it bursts with a crash, knocking over the two experimenters. The chemist then literally kicks his assistant from the lab in anger.

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