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Easily Decide What To Watch

This free app can analyze your tastes to predict which movies and series you'll like or dislike. Nowadays we're drowning in content. We have access to thousands of movies and series on TV, on streaming, in theaters, on DVD and BLU-RAY. There's a lot of garbage, but even the good shows are still too many to watch. Stop wasting your precious time watching a bad or an average show when you could be enjoying a much better one instead. Coollector Movie Database allows you to quickly and easily find the best content adapted to your tastes.

Less frustration choosing what to watch. More satisfaction watching better shows!

Coollector Movie Database will track what you've seen and how much you've liked it. It'll be more convenient to discover new movies and series by hiding those you've already watched and those you're not interested in. Based on your tastes, the recommendation system will predict how much you'll like or dislike the movies and series you haven't watched. You'll discover great content that you would have missed otherwise. You can keep a wish list. You'll be informed when movies are added to streaming services or about to be removed. You'll learn what's currently trending, which series are airing new episodes, and which streaming services have the episodes you haven't yet watched. If you have a collection of DVDs, BLU-RAYs, or files, the app can also help you remember where they're stored and decide which ones to watch.

Coollector Movie Database is a FREE Mac/Windows software. No crippled features nor time limits. There's only a 30 seconds window on startup that you can remove by becoming a contributor.

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April 27, 2024: Coollector Movie Database version 4.23.1 is released.

Download Windows version
(Windows XP and above)

Download Mac version
(MacOS Yosemite and above)

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The Windows version also exists
as a portable program
(to take with you on a USB key)

It's possible to download
all the movie images
as a set of zip files


Coollector Movie Database is free, but contributions and donations are welcome. This software exists since more than 15 years and has been continuously improved. If you like the app and want to support our work, you can become a contributor.

Any of those methods will get you a Contributor Code that removes the 30 seconds startup.

The majority of our users don't contribute anything. I hope they like the app and they tell their friends about it. I'm very thankful to the users who contribute, it's their giving back that makes all this possible. Also thank you to the many users who help by reporting the bugs and errors they find, those who keep contributing pictures after they got their code, etc... I'm proud we've gathered such a great community!

App Screenshots

Personal Movie Database and Video Collection Manager Personal Movie Database and Video Collection Manager
The app interface.

Personalized Movie Recommendations based on your Tastes Personalized Movie Recommendations based on your Tastes
The prediction game makes it fun to rate all the movies that you've seen.

Customize the Interface Layout to your Liking Customize the Interface Layout to your Liking
There are many ways you can customize the layout to your liking.

Custom Skin System Custom Skin System
You can change the entire look of the app by choosing a different skin.

Manage you collection of DVD and Blu-Ray Manage you collection of DVD and Blu-Ray
Instead of buying a contributor code, you can earn it by contributing 100 character pictures.