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 Post subject: Request Synopsis/Plot to be added to the database
PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:59 pm 

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tt0324303 The Trail (1910)
A child leads the police by hanging on a thieves' car and laying a trail of meat.

tt0001544 A Christmas Carol (1910)
A Christmas Carol, is a 1910 silent film directed by J. Searle Dawley for Edison. It runs 10 minutes and is one of the earliest film adaptations of Charles Dickens' famous 1843 novella.

tt0000309 How It Feels to Be Run Over (1900)
A coach is coming, and moves out of the frame at one side of the field of view. Soon after, an approaching car veers off course and moves straight to the viewer (the camera). As it approaches, the occupants wave frantically, hoping to stave off the impending collision. At the moment the car fills the entire frame the film cuts to title cards that bear the text "Oh, mother will be pleased".

tt0135690 The Scheming Gambler's Paradise <Le tripot clandestin> (1905)
A combination gambling den and bawdy house is set up so that croupiers, patrons, prostitutes, and the owner can quickly change it all into a mercantile establishment when the cops stage a raid.

tt0373736 Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress (1912)
A comedy-drama about yet another girl from the East who doesn't need to be protected from the local dangers. Broncho Billy plays a passive role, and even takes a bullet when a jealous villain tries to eliminate him from the new teacher's dance card. Filmed in the wilds of Fairfax, California and at Essanay Studios in San Rafael.

tt0001680 His Trust (1911)
A Confederate soldier goes to war

tt0171720 Le scarabée d'or (1907)
A conjurer with white beard and turban moves about in front of a building with an elaborate facade. He spies a golden beetle, about the size of a human infant, leaning against the wall. He snatches it up, conjures a fire, and tosses the beetle in. It escapes the fire in the form of a fairy, her six wings beating as she rises above the flames. The fairy, to the conjurer's consternation, has magical powers of her own. A fountain appears, first spraying water; then, things heat up for the turbaned villain.

tt0002143 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1912)
A doctor unleashes his own inner monster when he experiments with the nature of good and evil.

tt0231733 A Holiday Pageant at Home (1901)
A family of seven entertain themselves by putting on a pageant on Christmas Eve.

tt0002659 The Bangville Police (1913)
A farmer and his daughter (Mabel Normand) are in the barn. She is saying she wishes the cow would have a calf. Left alone in the house she hears strangers in the barn and calls the police. She barricades herself in. Her parents return and have to break the door down. She thinks it is the robbers. Meanwhile a smokey car brings the police (the Keystone Cops). After misunderstandings are resolved they find a new-born calf in the barn.

tt0001431 The Unchanging Sea (1910)
A father loses his memory.

tt0000790 The Airship Destroyer (1909)
A fleet of airships begin an attack on England, bombing an armoured vehicle, a signal box and a town. An inventor and his assistant are preparing to launch a missile in defence. A biplane attempts to shoot down one of the airships, but is destroyed itself. One of the airship's bombs lands on the home of the inventor's lover, whose hand in marriage he had unsuccessfully asked her father for earlier in the day. The inventor rushes to the house and rescues his lover, although her father is dead. Returning to the missile launch site, the inventor successfully destroys the airship. The film ends as the couple embrace.

tt0002767 The Count of Monte Cristo (1913)
A French sailor, imprisoned for years on false charges of conspiring against the king, escapes and exacts revenge on his accusers.

tt0000942 The Lonely Villa (1909)
A gang of thieves lure a man out of his home so that they can rob it and threaten his wife and children. The family barricade themselves in an interior room, but the criminals are well-equipped for breaking in. When the father finds out what is happening, he must race against time to get back home.

tt0001740 The Lonedale Operator (1911)
A girl who takes over a telegraph station after her father takes ill.

tt0000832 A Corner in Wheat (1909)
A greedy tycoon corners the market in wheat.

tt0002553 An Unseen Enemy (1912)
A housekeeper plots to steal money.

tt0003733 A Busy Day (1914)
A jealous wife chases her unfaithful husband during a parade after he flirts with a pretty woman.

tt0235057 A Winter Straw Ride (1906)
A large group of boys and girls enjoy a sleigh ride, have a snowball fight, and frolic in the snow.

tt0229336 Dewar's - It's Scotch (1897)
A line of giddy, possibly drunk men, dressed in Scottish highland outfits, perform a disorderly dance routine in front of a sign advertising the product of the title. This film is often described as the first filmed advertisement.

tt1786556 Le plus beau jour de la vie (1908)
A little girl, who is preparing to receive her first holy communion, is seen leaving the church with the rest of her companions and starting home with her nurse maid.

tt0004282 Mabel's Married Life (1914)
A man and his wife get into a fight.

tt0002082 The Burglar's Dilemma (1912)
A man kills his brother and blames a robber.

tt0004194 The Knockout (1914)
A man must fight a champion boxer.

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